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Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 26, 3 (1990)


A. V. Sorokin. Theory of the α effect in the uniform-helical flow of a conducting fluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

3 269

K. A. Sergeev and V. N. Shtern. Self-oscillating regimes on a closed azimuthal magnetohydrodynamic jet
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

9 274

N. F. Patsegon. General properties of wave motion in nonconducting magnetized media
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

15 279

H. Yamaguchi and I. Kobori. Spherical couette flow in magnetic fluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

21 284

S. W. Charles and S. Wells. Magnetic properties of colloidal suspensions of cobalt particles
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

26 288

I. Abu-Aljarayesh, S. Mohmood, N. A. Yusef and J. Popplewell. Concentration dependence of the magnetic properties of cobalt particles dispersed in mercury
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

31 293

V. M. Korovin. The total free energy of a magnetized body within a magnetic fluid in the presence of a field
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

34 295

B. E. Kashevskii. Blockage of the superparamagnetism of magnetic fluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

41 302

A. Tsebers. Quantitative relationship governing the appearance of and unique features in the magnetic properties of concentrated domain structures of magnetic colloids in plane slots
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

49 309

V. I. Drozdova, A. O. Tsebers and G. V. Shargova. Magnetic instabilities in microdrops within thin capillaries
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

55 314

A. V. Boyarevich, Yu. M. Gel'fgat and L. A. Gorbunov. Effect of a constant magnetic field on the hydrodynamic characteristics of a melt during the process of semiconductor monocrystal growth
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

63 321

I. V. Lavrent'ev, S. Yu. Molokov, S. I. Sidorenkov and A. R. Shishko. Stokes flow in a reactangular magnetohydrodynamic channel with nonconducting walls within a nonuniform magnetic field at large Hartmann numbers
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

71 325

S. B. Dement'ev. Electrovortex flows in cylindrical bath with two- and three-electrode current supply
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

82 339

V. D. Zimin and N. Yu. Kolpakov. Magnetohydrodynamic flows and instability in the boundary of separation between the liquid metal and an electrolyte in aluminium reduction cells
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

89 345

N. Yu. Kolpakov and V. I. Kolesnichenko. Electrovortex flow near a critical circle
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

99 354

E. V. Gorbachev and E. V. Shcherbinin. Simulation of magnetohydrodynamic processes in aluminium reduction cells (electrolyzer)
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

107 361

A. R. Baev. The possibility of altering the direction of elastic waves by means of magnetic fluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

115 367

Brief communications


V. A. Bernshtam, I. P. Panchenko and E. V. Poklonskii. Studying the effect of contact with a plasma on the stability of capillary waves at the surface of a conducting fluid in a magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

121 373

V. V. Gorlei. Hydrodynamic instability in the convective motion of a conducting fluid with a viscosity that depends on temperature
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

123 375

S. N. Semenov. Dipole-dipole interaction in a rotating magnetic field and magnetic fluidization
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

126 379

V. G. Bashtovoi, V. S. Dashkevich, V. A. Radionov and V. A. Chernobai. An experimantal study of certain vibration-shielding characteristics in a magnetofluid support
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

130 382

A. N. Vislovich, A. S. Dmitrichenko and V. F. Medvedev. Hermetic limits of magnetofluid seals in rotating shafts
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

135 386

A. B. Ivanov and N. G. Taktarov. A study into the filtration of magnetic fluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

138 390

A. Yu. Chukhrov. Levitation of bodies magnetized by an external field, within a magnetic fluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

140 392

Ya. Ya. Valdmanis and R. R. Krishberg. An experimantal study into the operational stability of a cylindrical linear induction pump of medium power
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

143 396

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