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In memory of E.V. Shcherbinin

On August 3, 2004 died Eduard Vasilyevich Shcherbinin, an outstanding scientist, well known in the MHD world scientific community, Dr. hab. Phys., professor, the head of the Laboratory of Electrical Vortex Flows at the Institute of Physics of the University of Latvia, a member of the Advising Editorial Board of the Journal "MagnetoHydroDynamics". Just after graduation from the Leningrad Politechnical Institute (physics and mathematics faculty) in 1961, E.V.\,Shcherbinin joined the Institute of Physics and stayed there till his last days. He started his work as an engineer at the Institute of Physics, in 1966 he was awarded his first scientific degree of Candidate of Science, in 1977 he was awarded another scientific degree of Dr.Phys., in 1980 he became a professor of mathematics. Eduard Vasilyevich Shcherbinin has been awarded many prizes, among which are the prizes of the Presidium of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (1973, 1977, 1986) and the F.Tsander prize (1991). All his fruitful scientific activity was devoted to theoretical MHD fundamental problems and to practical application problems. E.V.\,Shcherbinin was the founder of a new branch in MHD -- the so-called electrovortex flows, having direct relation to the optimization of many practical metallurgy processes such as aluminum reduction cells, induction channel furnaces, electric arc furnaces and electroslag re-melting of metals. E.V.\,Shcherbinin published 6 monographs, about 200 scientific papers, he has more than 40 patents. Alongside, E.V.\,Shcherbinin guided the scientific work of many post-graduates and gave lectures in mathematics for students. Under his guidance, 13 post-graduates have successfully prepared their theses in MHD. E.V.\,Shcherbinin was also active in organizing many international seminars and conferences and participating in them. Recently, E.V.\,Shcherbinin, being the head of the Laboratory of Electrical Vortex Flows has published the monograph "Theory of self-similar boundary layer in hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics" devoted to the common approach to the solution of self-similar problems in the theory of boundary layer in hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics. In the memory of his colleagues E.V.\,Shcherbinin surely will always remain as a modest and honest scientist, never striving for success in the public eye or for awards and positions, but only seeking for the scientific truth.

Magnetohydrodynamics 40, No. 3, 315-316, 2004 [PDF, 53.0 Kb]

Copyright: Institute of Physics, University of Latvia
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