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Magnetohydrodynamics 57, 3 (2021)

Special issue: Selected papers of the Satellite Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD2021), University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, August 2--3, 2021

K. Ahmad, S. S. P. M. Isa, Z. Wahid and Z. Hanouf. The impact of Newtonian heating on magnetic Casson nanofluid flow with variable consistency over a variable surface thickness
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.1]


H. M. Azmi, S. Parvin, S. S. P. M. Isa, N. M. Arifin and H. Rosali. Numerical study of mixed convection and buoyancy ratio on MHD fluid flow beyond an inclined sheet
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.2]


N. S. Ismail, S. S. P. M. Isa, N. M. Arifin, R. Nazar and N. Bachok. The effect of thermal radiation, velocity slip and viscous dissipation on MHD stagnation-point flow and heat transfer over a shrinking sheet in nanofluids with stability analysis
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.3]


S. Parvin, S. S. P. M. Isa, N. M. Arifin and F. M. Ali. Soret--Dufour impacts on inclined magnetic Casson fluid flow
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.4]


S. Parvin, N. Balakrishnan and S. S. P. M. Isa. MHD Casson fluid flow under the temperature and concentration gradients
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.5]


S. Parvin, S. S. P. M. Isa and S. K. Soid. Three-dimensional model of double diffusive magnetohydrodynamic Newtonian fluid flow
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.6]


R. I. Yahaya and N. M. Arifin. Magnetohydrodynamic flow of hybrid Ag-CuO/H2O nanofluid past a stretching/shrinking porous plate with viscous-Ohmic dissipation and heat generation/absorption
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.7]


M. Z. H. Supian, N. A. A. M. Nasir and A. Ishak. Stagnation point flow and heat transfer over an exponentially stretching/shrinking Riga plate with effects of radiation and heat source/sink
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.8]


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