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Axisymmetric helical magnetorotational instability in a Taylor-Couette flow with sufficiently large positive shear

Yurong Zhao1 - Rainer Hollerbach2 - Wenpeng Hong1 - Yang Yu1 - Jianjun Tao3

1 School of Energy and Power Engineering, Northeast Electric Power University, Jilin 132012, China
2 School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK
3 Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, College of Engineering, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China

The range of parameters is explored for the axisymmetric helical magnetorotational instability in a Taylor-Couette flow with high enough positive shear. The magnetic Prandtl number has a wide range from 10−6 to 100. The ratio of the azimuthal magnetic field to the axial magnetic field β is equal to 20, 50, 70 and 100. In different parameters, the stability curves are computed and shown in the plane for the Lundquist numbers S on the x-axis and for the magnetic Reynolds numbers Rm on the y-axis. The computed results can help find or avoid the instability in the corresponding flows. Figs 6, Refs 29.

Magnetohydrodynamics 59, No. 2, 173-184, 2023 [PDF, 0.39 Mb]

Copyright: Institute of Physics, University of Latvia
Electronic edition ISSN 1574-0579
Printed edition ISSN 0024-998X