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Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 16, 3 (1980)

General and theoretical problems


V. I. Arkhipenko, Yu. D. Barkov and V. G. Bashtovoi. Behavior of a drop of a magnetizable liquid in magnetic fields
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

3 221

Yu. D. Barkov and B. M. Berkovskii. Breakup of a drop of magnetic fluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

11 228

A. O. Tsebers and M. M. Maiorov. Structures of interface of a bubble and magnetic fluid in a field
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

15 231

A. O. Tsebers. Nature of comb instability
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

21 236

V. M. Polunin and N. M. Ignatenko. Elastic properties of a ferromagnetic fluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

26 240

Z. P. Shul'man, V. I. Kordonskii, I. V. Prokhorov and M. B. Smol'skii. Experimental investigation of the magnetic characteristics of magnetorheological suspensions
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

31 245

N. G. Taktarov. Motion of magnetizable liquids in porous media
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

38 251

Motion of conductive spherical particles in a nonuniform magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

43 255

V. A. Miroshnikov. Magnetohydrodynamic flow around a stationary sphere
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

51 262

A. Yu. Chukhrov. Convection of an electrically conducting liquid in a coaxial gap
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

58 268

Yu. M. Gel'fgat and L. A. Gorbunov. Effects of nonuniformly distributed electromagnetic force and velocity on the MHD flow characteristics in a round pipe
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

63 272

V. M. Belogrivtsev. Numerical study of steady MHD flow in a radial channel
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

69 277

Yu. Ya. Mikel'son, S. I. Pavlov and A. T. Yakovich. Numerical simulation of MHD flow in a region of arbitrary axissymmetrical configuration
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

73 280

Engineering problems


I. V. Lavrent'ev and A. Ya. Shishko. Electrodynamic processes in MHD channels with high magnetic Reynolds numbers
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

81 288

S. M. Apollonskii and V. Yu. Kashirin. Degeneration of the dipole model of the external field of a MHD machine into the central dipole model
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

107 311

V. S. Nagornyi and V. I. Bezrukov. Droplet emission in an electrostatic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

111 315

E. Ya. Tomsons, E. Ya. Platacis, V. V. Bute, E. L. Liepa and A. P. Lobakhin. A MHD drive for a liquid-metal nuclear-reactor control system
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

118 320

E. Butsenieks, M. Ya. Levina, M. Ya. Stolov and E. V. Shcherbinin. Motion of the metal in a channel-type induction Oven I
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

123 324

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