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Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 29, 4 (1993)


A. Gailitis. Electrical stabilization of the azimuthal mode in large induction pumps
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

3 319

D. Villani and S. Poinsot. Instability and edge effect phenomena faced when developing large-sized electromagnetic pumps
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

8 323

H. Branover and C. Henoch. Control of friction pressure losses and heat transfer in turbulent liquid metal flows in magnetic fields
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

15 329

A. A. Klyukin and A. Thess. The investigation of the turbulence origination process in an electrically driven MHD flow
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

22 341

G. Gerbeth, H. Langenbrunner, R. Lotzmann and S. Eckert. Some results on liquid-metal MHD two-phase flow
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

28 345

K. Ueno, R. Ishii and S. Morioka. Boundary layer in MHD channel flow under progressing alternating magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

34 351

O. Lielausis. Development of ideas concerning the flow structure in inductive MHD pump channels
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

40 356

L. Leboucher, Ph. Marty, A. Alemany and P. Masse. Optimization of LMMHD induction converters: the inverse problem
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

47 361

A. Muizhnieks and A. Yakovich. Mathematical modeling of MHD flow and the characteristics of a centrifugal conduction pump
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

52 365

M. Zusman, A. El-Boher and H. Branover. End effects in liquid metal and MHD channels
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

60 371

I. Sawada and Y. Fautrelle. Development and evaluation of a numerical solver for MHD analysis based on the finite difference method
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

67 380

R. Moreau, T. Alboussiere, O. Laskar, D. Camel and P. Contamin. Thermoelectric MHD as a solidification affecting tool
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

72 385

M. Roscini, A. Ganoud and Y. Fautrelle. Numerical modeling furnaces for oxide melting
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

78 390

F. R. Block and R. Dittmer. Field distribution in rotationally symmetric moving conductors inside slag detection systems
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

83 395

Analytical modeling of electromagnetic induction flowmeters
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

91 402

Yu. V. Boiko. Quality of electric energy of synchronous plugflow MHD generators
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

97 409

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