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Magnetohydrodynamics 41, 2 (2005)

Special issue: Selected papers of the Workshop ``Use of Magnetic Fields in Crystal Growth'' Riga, Latvia, December 5-6, 2004

A. Muiżnieks. Preface
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.41.2.1]


K. Dadzis, A. Muiżnieks, A. Rudeviċs and G. Ratnieks. Precise calculations of the influence of HF EM forces on the melt hydrodynamics for FZ silicon single crystal growth
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.41.2.2]


A. Rudeviċs, A. Muiżnieks, G. Ratnieks and H. Riemann. 3D modeling of the molten zone shape created by an asymmetric HF EM field during the FZ crystal growth process
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.41.2.3]


K. Lācis, A. Muiżnieks and G. Ratnieks. 3D mathematical model system for melt hydrodynamics in the silicon single crystal FZ-growth process with rotating magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.41.2.4]


A. Krauze, A. Muiżnieks, L. Gorbunov and A. Pedchenko. Numerical modeling of 2D axisymmetric flow under the influence of DC EM field for industrial CZ silicon single crystal growth facilities
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.41.2.5]


J. Priede and G. Gerbeth. A model of low-frequency rotating magnetic field with a weak axial gradient
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.41.2.6]


M. Kirpo, A. Jakoviċs and E. Baake. Characteristics of velocity pulsations in a turbulent recirculated melt flow
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.41.2.7]


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