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Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 18, 4 (1982)

General and theoretical problems


V. A. Miroshnikov and R. Ya. Ozols. High-gradient magnmetic separation
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

5 331

E. P. Kropachev. Relation of the generation coefficient to the mean spirality of an almost-toroidal hydrodynamic flow
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

18 343

A. O. Tsebers. Role of surface interactions in stratification of magnetic fluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

21 345

N. G. Taktarov. Structured films of magnetizable surface-active substances
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

28 351

A. I. Zhakin. Dynamics of a magnetizable fluid layer on the surface of a nonmagnetic fluid in an external magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

33 356

E. V. Poklonskii and A. I. El'kin. Stability of a system of current-carrying jets with current alternating in direction
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

39 362

G. K. Grinberg, M. Z. Kaudze, O. A. Lielausis and E. V. Murav'ev. Trajectory of freely falling conducting particle in a nonuniform magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

46 369

V. Boyarevich and R. Millere. Amplification of azimuthal rotation in a meridional electric vortex flow in a hemisphere
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

51 373

A. B. Kapusta and A. F. Zibol'd. Three-dimensional effects generated in a finite-length container under the action of a rotating magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

57 379

A. V. Nesterov. Excitation of finite-amplitude waves on the surface of a perfectly conducting liquid by a varying magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

64 384

D. A. But and S. M. Koneev. Interaction of a converging cylindrical shock wave with a transverse magnetic field for large magnetic Reynolds numbers
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

69 389

V. I. Popov. Tensor of effective electrical conductivity for medium with two-layer particles of dispersed phase
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

76 395

B. B. Volchek, L. M. Dronnik, S. Yu. Reutskii, T. M. Tolmach and A. I. El'kin. Energy characteristics of cylindrical induction pumps at large R_{m} numbers
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

79 398

A. M. Andreev. Calculation of the secondary circuit inductance in linear inductive MHD machines
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

86 405

M. S. Drits. End effect in MHD-type linear induction machine with finite-length inductor: Mathematical model
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

89 408

V. V. Tiunov and S. E. Kolobov. Method of designing MHD-type linear induction machines fed from single-phase supply
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

96 414

Ya. Ya. Valdmanis, R. R. Krishberg and A. Ya. Shishko. Experimental study of flat MHD induction pump
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

101 419

Yu. M. Gel'fgat, M. Z. Sorkin, V. P. Polishchuk and L. P. Puzhailo. Motion of gas bubbles during vacuumization of liquid aluminium in MDV-type magnetodynamic vacuumization apparatus
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

105 422

U. I. Ivanov. Some features of MHD separation process
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

110 426

D. V. Orlov, Yu. A. Mit'kin and N. I. Dyupovkin. Development of methods of nondestructive quality control for ferrofluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

113 429

Brief communications


Yu. I. Dikansky and M. M. Mayorov. Rheological properties of a concentrated magnetic fluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

117 Absent

V. M. Kozhevnikov, V. V. Chekanov and Ye. I. Yantovsky. Free vertical spouts over deformed surface of magnetic fluid in an electrical field
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

118 Absent

A. G. Bershadsky. Turbulent flow of fluid in a strong magnetic field in a volume with rigid boundaries
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

120 Absent

B. I. Petlenko and B. Yu. Naumenko. Conducting paper modelling of MHD induction devices with end effect in the secondary circuit
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

121 Absent

V. A. Metalnikov, V. V. Metlin and Ye. P. Fomin. Analysis of transient pressure in an induction pump
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

123 Absent

V. I. Vasenin, Yu. G. Kovalev, V. S. Melnikov and I. V. Sendyurev. Magnetic system of a MHD conduction pump for tithanium alloy casting
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

124 Absent

V. A. Golodnyak, I. Ya. Kagan and L. M. Semyashova. Measurements of magnetic fluid effective specific gravity distribution in ferrohydrostatic separators
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

126 Absent

V. K. Khanov, A. I. Shevelev, N. A. Bondarev and P. I. Kovalev. Some features of pig iron crystallization in crossed electric and magnetic fields
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF.rus]

128 Absent

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