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L. Buhler

  • L. Bühler, V. Klüber and C. Mistrangelo, Magnetohydrodynamic flow in stepwise bent circular pipes, Vol. 58, No. 4, 425-434, 2022 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • V. Klüber, L. Bühler and C. Mistrangelo, Numerical investigation of liquid metal flow in square channels under inclined magnetic fields for fusion relevant parameters, Vol. 56, No. 2/3, 149-156, 2020 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • L. Bühler, H.-J. Brinkmann and C. Mistrangelo, Experimental investigation of liquid metal pipe flow in a strong non-uniform magnetic field, Vol. 56, No. 2/3, 131-138, 2020 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • Th. Arlt and L. Bühler, Numerical simulations of time-dependent Hunt flows with finite wall conductivity, Vol. 55, No. 3, 319-336, 2019 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • C. Mistrangelo and L. Bühler, MHD phenomena related to electromagnetic flow coupling, Vol. 53, No. 1, 141-148, 2017 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • Th. Arlt, J. Priede and L. Bühler, Influence of thin finite conducting walls on the linear stability of magnetohydrodynamic duct flow, Vol. 53, No. 1, 35-44, 2017 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • L. Bühler, C. Mistrangelo and S. Molokov, Validity of quasi-2D models for magneto-convection, Vol. 51, No. 2, 321-327, 2015 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • C. Mistrangelo and L. Bühler, Magneto convective instabilities driven by internal uniform volumetric heating, Vol. 51, No. 2, 303-310, 2015 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • G. Aiello, C. Mistrangelo, L. Bühler, E. Mas de les Valls, J. Aubert, A. Li-Puma, D. Rapisarda and A. Del Nevo, MHD issues related to the use of Lithium Lead eutectic as breeder material for blankets of fusion power plants, Vol. 51, No. 2, 185-194, 2015 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • L. Bühler and C. Mistrangelo, Influence of a spatially varying magnetic field on liquid metal flows in the European concept for a fusion test blanket, Vol. 48, No. 1, 169-176, 2012 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • L. Bühler and C. Wetzel, Asymptotic analysis of 3D buoyant magnetohydrodynamic flows in strong magnetic fields, Vol. 42, No. 2/3, 219-223, 2006 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • K. Messadek, L. Bühler and Stieglitz. R., MHD flow in thick-walled pipes of ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic material, Vol. 39, No. 3, 251-258, 2003 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • L. Buhler, Fully developed MHD flow in the European TAURO concept for a nuclear fusion blanket, Vol. 37, No. 1/2, 127-134, 2001 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • S. Molokov, L. Buhler and R. Stieglitz, Asymptotic structure of magnetohydrodynamic flows in bends, Vol. 31, No. 3, 393-402, 1995; English translation: Magnetohydrodynamics, Vol. 31, No. 3, 357-366, 1995 [Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

  • L. Buhler and S. Molokov, Magnetohydrodynamic flows in ducts with insulating coating, Vol. 30, No. 4, 528-538, 1994; English translation: Magnetohydrodynamics, Vol. 30, No. 4, 439-447, 1994 [PDF] [PDF]

  • L. Barleon, L. Buhler, S. Molokov, R. Stieglitz, B. F. Picologlou, T. Q. Hua and C. B. Reed, Magnetohydrodynamic flow trough a right-angle bend, Vol. 30, No. 4, 516-527, 1994; English translation: Magnetohydrodynamics, Vol. 30, No. 4, 428-438, 1994 [PDF] [PDF]

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